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What should I do if a new 3D scan is necessary but all practices are closed?

In case of a refinement, sometimes a new 3D scan is necessary in the practice. We ask for your understanding that we are temporarily not accepting appointments in our practices in order to support the recommended precautions against the further spread of the coronavirus. If a 3D scan is required in your individual case, we will try to offer you an appointment as soon as possible. Of course we will prioritize you when making an appointment.

Is there a risk of getting infected with the corona virus via the aligners?

Our aligners, as well as the retainer, are medical devices that are disinfected before shipping. According to current knowledge, the coronavirus can only be transmitted from person to person by a so-called droplet infection. Although in individual cases it may have happened that people with no symptoms of the disease have been infected, other ways of transmission can be excluded. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also given the all-clear: "People who receive packages [...] are not at risk of contracting the new coronavirus. From earlier analyses we know that coronaviruses do not survive for long on objects such as letters or parcels". The Robert Koch Institute shares this view. It is therefore unlikely that the infection will occur via dental splints or via the dispatch route.

General questions

What are PlusDent aligners?

PlusDent aligners are individually made for you and made out of transparent plastic, which are perfectly matched to your teeth.  The aligners are BPA -free. The tooth movement for your treatment is split into many small steps (a maximum of 0.2mm tooth movement per aligner). For each step, you will receive custom-made aligners, which exert pressure on the teeth in order to carry out the planned partial movement. 

Why aren’t all tooth displacements treatable with aligners?

The top priority for us is your health. Therefore based on your existing tooth displacement, our dentists decide whether a treatment with PlusDent aligners is possible. As a basic principle we correct minor to moderate teeth displacements of the front teeth and show in detail how this correction will happen before starting treatment. 

Will my insurance pay for treatment with PlusDent’s aligners?

Dental correction after the age of 18 is not covered by the statutory health insurance. A medical necessity may be available with private health insurance, which is rarely given with mild to moderate tooth displacement of the front teeth. 

How to order

Which payment methods are available?

Currently you have the choice between paying by credit card or monthly installments via Direct Debit

How does the treatment work?

Is one jaw alone treated or are both jaws treated at the same time?

With every treatment tooth displacement it is possible that the bite changes. In order to maintain a correct bite, the upper and lower jaws must be taken into account in your treatment plan. As a result the upper and lower jaw are always corrected.

How long does treatment with PlusDent last? 

Treatment with PlusDent teeth aligners generally lasts between four and ten months. 

How long does it take for me to receive my aligners? 

The first step is a for us to carry out a 3D scan under the supervision of a British dentist. We instantly receive you 3D Scan in our laboratory in Berlin and from there it takes about 10-14 days until you receive your treatment plan via e-mail. Once you have decided on treatment with PlusDent aligners, the production of your individual aligners begins, which takes around four to six weeks.

How often and how long must I wear the aligners?

You wear the teeth aligners 22 hours a day and only take them out when eating, drinking and brushing your teeth. It is important to adhere to the instructed wear time in order to achieve the predicted treatment results. 

Do I have to restrict myself when eating during treatment? 

No, because unlike fixed-braces,  you can eat and drink whatever you want during teeth aligner treatment. This is because you can simply take out the aligner when you want to eat. Dental hygiene can therefore be carried out as normal after each meal, retaining optimal oral health.

Do I have to take out my aligner when eating and drinking? 

You can drink cold water with the aligners still in your mouth. Hot drinks can damage or warp the plastic of the aligners. As a general rule you should take out the aligner for eating and drinking and store it in the container provided. After eating or drinking something, you should brush your teeth because saliva cannot remineralise your teeth as usual. Don’t forgot to rinse your aligners with running water before putting them back in. 

How do I take care of my aligners?

Ideally, clean your aligners twice a day with the toothbrush. Do not use toothpaste, as the aligners may go cloudy. Instead, use a mild soap and rinse the aligners with cold water. Too high temperatures will damage the material and warp it . The aligners will then lose their shape and become unusable. Thorough and proper care will keep your aligner in top shape.

Will I have any pain during the treatment?

In the first few days after changing aligners, you will feel some pressure that the aligners exert in order to move your teeth. This will continuously decrease and you will no longer feel any pain. 

What happens if I lose my aligner?

If you lose your aligner you can contact us and we will make a replacement aligner for you as soon as possible for a fee of £49. Whilst waiting for your replacement, be sure to wear the previous aligner to keep your teeth in their current position.

Will speech be impaired whilst wearing the aligner?

 For most patients, speech is not impaired. Like fixed braces, it will initially take some getting used to because of the foreign body in your mouth. After a week at the latest, most patients speak as normal. 

May I smoke during treatment? 

We recommend that during treatment you smoke neither cigarettes nor e-cigarettes since it could stain your teeth. 

Will PlusDent work for me? 

With more than 20,000 successful treatments, our dentists in Germany are leading experts and take care of dental correction at the highest medical level. We partner with UK-based, General Dental Council registered dentists to supervise our patients in the UK.

The correction of tooth displacement using aligners is very well established and well researched. It is therefore likely that you will achieve the predicted treatment results. There are factors in every medical treatment that can influence the success of treatment. That's why we guarantee that even if your treatment results deviate, we will treat you until they are achieved.

Do I have to use the PlusDent App and where can I find it?

Using the PlusDent app is essential for successful treatment. You can download the app for free from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. Please take photos of your teeth with each aligner change to document your progress and upload them onto the app. Our medical team will monitor the progress of your teeth in the app and can adjust your treatment plan in the event of unforeseen deviations.

Can I prematurely change to the next aligner?

We have planned the treatment very precisely and it is necessary for a predicted wear time (both daily and per aligner). The biggest tooth movement takes place in the first two to three days after changing the aligner, then the pressure eases and the aligner is no longer noticeable. Nevertheless, the teeth require the calculated one to two-week wearing time per aligner so that the bone remodelling is completed, the tooth becomes accustomed to the new position and is prepared for further movement.

Do I have to wear a retainer after treatment?

It is important after every orthodontic treatment to wear a retainer to get your treatment results. This can be a removable retainer or a fixed retainer.

How should the removable retainer be worn? 

The removeable PlusDent retainers are more transparent and slightly thicker than the aligners during treatment. They will be worn 22 hours a day for the first two weeks after treatment, then you should wear them 12 hours a day for the first 6 months after treatment. After that you should wear them every night for the rest of your life. We recommend changing retainers every 6 to 12 months to keep them fresh, soft and transparent. For a fee of £99, you can order custom-made retainers. 

Which materials are the aligners and plasticisers (BPA) made from?

PlusDent aligners are made of a special plastic material that optimally moves your teeth throughout the treatment time. This material is clinically tested and suitable for allergy sufferers. Our aligners are free of plasticizers.

Can PlusDent treat my teeth?

What if I am missing teeth?

Our dentists decide in individual cases whether treatment is possible for you.

I still have my wisdom teeth. Is that a problem?

If your dentist recommends removing the wisdom teeth, this should be done before starting the treatment with our aligners.

I’ve had my wisdom teeth removed. When can I start treatment with PlusDent?

After removing the wisdom teeth, you should wait 6 weeks until booking an appointment at our practice. 

How old must I be to have treatment with PlusDent? 

You must be of legal age (18 years old) to begin treatment. 

What if I have a permanent retainer wire? 

To do a 3D scan, which serves as the basis of our prognosis, the retainer wire does not have to be removed. As soon as your treatment starts, it should then be removed. 

What if I wear a dental implant? 

Dental implants are generally not a reason for you to be refused treatment. Our dentists decide in individual cases whether a treatment is possible for you. The implants are not moved during the aligner treatment. You should therefore let us know if you have an implant and which tooth is affected.

Can I start my treatment with PlusDent aligners if I wear bridges or crowns?

Bridges in the front teeth region cannot be treated because they cannot be included in the dental correction. Having crowns is not a reason to be refused treatment.   

Can I start my treatment PlusDent aligners if I wear veneers?

Unfortunately, patients who are already wearing veneers cannot be treated with aligners because it is not impossible to detach the veneers.

Since having my braces removed, my teeth have shifted. Can PlusDent help me?

The majority of patients who choose to correct their teeth in adulthood wore braces as a child or as an adolescent. They have tooth displacement once again, which is because teeth move during the course of your life. Of course, such treatment cases are within our means.  

Can I start treatment if I have tooth decay?

All dental problems should be treated before starting dental correction with aligners. This also includes tooth decay.

Can I have treatment if I regularly take medication?

The success of our aligners is not affected by most medications. Regular use of anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, oestrogens or calcitonin may slow or delay the progress of treatment. Please contact us directly. 

Can I wear the aligners during pregnancy?

We advise against starting treatment during pregnancy. The hormonal change during pregnancy can have an effect on the gums and therefore adversely affect tooth movement.

Can I have treatment if I am ill?

During sick periods where you often vomit, you should not wear the aligners. In the case of mild illnesses, such as a cold, the aligners are not a problem and can worn again without hesitation.

Can overbites be corrected with the PlusDent aligners? 

PlusDent aligners cannot be used to correct overbites. However, it is possible to correct the front teeth if there is an overbite. This remains unaffected by the treatment.

How long do I have to claim my satisfaction guarantee?

Sometimes a refinement is necessary if, for biological or individual reasons, teeth do not move as planned despite being worn for the correct time. In this case we offer a satisfaction guarantee. The prerequisites for our guarantee promise are that you have worn your aligners as prescribed for 22 hours a day and that you have used our PlusDental app for the entire duration of your tooth correction. If the treatment result is not as planned despite the fact that it has been worn, you have four weeks to contact us after the last splint change. After checking the treatment status by our dentists and orthodontists, we then initiate a refinement