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In order to protect the health of our patients and our employees, COVID-19 increased safety and hygiene measures currently apply. We try our very best to offer you appointments. If a further appointment is temporarily not possible due to government regulations, we still manufacture your aligners in our dental laboratory in Berlin. The production of the aligners usually takes about 4 weeks. Even with practice partners closed, appointments will be possible again.

In case of a refinement, a new 3D scan is sometimes required at our practice partners. We have all our partner practices operating as normal with just more. If a 3D scan is required in your individual case, we will try to offer you an appointment in a timely manner, in which we will prioritize you.

Our aligners, as well as the retainer, are medical devices that are disinfected before shipping. According to current knowledge, the coronavirus can only be transferred from person to person through a so-called droplet infection. Although in individual cases it may also have occurred that people with no symptoms of the disease have become infected, other ways of transmission can be excluded. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also given the all-clear: "People who receive packages [...] are not at risk of contracting the new coronavirus. From earlier analyses we know that coronaviruses do not survive for long on objects such as letters or parcels”. The Robert Koch Institute shares this view. It is, therefore, unlikely that the infection will occur via aligners or via the dispatch route.

According to current knowledge, the coronavirus can only be transferred from person to person through a so-called droplet infection. We ensure there is sufficient time between daily appointments to avoid a high volume of patients in the waiting area. All our premises and medical devices are disinfected after each patient. We do not treat patients with flu symptoms. Our employees wear protective clothing such as a face mask, safety glasses and disposable gloves at every appointment, which makes it highly unlikely that they will be infected with the coronavirus.

General questions

PlusDent aligners are custom-made aligners and made of transparent plastic, which is BPA-free. The tooth movement for your treatment is split into many small steps. For each step, you will receive custom-made aligners, which exert pressure on the teeth to carry out the planned partial movement.

The PlusDent aligners are made of a special plastic that optimally moves your teeth over the duration of your treatment. This medical material has been clinically tested. Our aligners are free from plasticisers (BPA) and, therefore, harmless for allergy sufferers.

The PlusDent Programme is a remote treatment. The progress of your treatment is digitally monitored by your dentist who has created your individual treatment plan. Your dentist has a vast professional experience and is an expert in the field of aligner therapy. Every eight weeks, your dentist will need updated photos of your teeth. You can easily upload these onto our app so your dentist can monitor your progress, take preventive action, and give you feedback to make sure that everything is going exactly according to your treatment plan. The dentist will provide all feedback via email. There is no need to visit our practice partners. You can contact our team by telephone and email during our opening hours.

You have six weeks from the final photo check to request a free refinement from us. Our dentists will check your treatment status via the app and check whether you were compliant during your treatment. If this is the case and your tooth position deviates more than 0.4mm from the before-and-after simulation, we will start a refinement at your request.

PlusDent is currently operating in eight European countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, the Netherlands and Sweden.

A follow-up correction, called a refinement, is a finishing treatment for your tooth position once your treatment plan has been completed. Refinements are required for the completion of a large proportion of all orthodontic treatments, including traditional treatments. We tolerate only the slightest deviations: our medical team will only tolerate a deviation up to 0.4mm in comparison with the planned before-and-after simulation. If your actual tooth position deviates more than this from the planned results, we will offer you a free refinement if your case meets certain other conditions. In order to receive a free refinement, you must have been compliant during your treatment, i.e. worn your teeth aligners for at least 22 hours a day, used our app as prescribed and informed us of your refinement request in a timely manner. If you do not meet these requirements, you may request a refinement at your own expense. The total costs depend on your compliance during your treatment as well as the time that has passed since the end of your treatment. If you would like to request a refinement, please contact us for a personal consultation at

Can PlusDent treat my teeth?

With more than 50,000 successful treatments, our dentists are leading experts and work at the highest medical level. Correcting misaligned teeth with aligners is very well established and has been well researched. It is, therefore, very likely that you will achieve the predicted treatment results. There are factors in any medical treatment that can influence the success of treatment. For this reason, we will treat any deviations of your treatment results free of charge until the predicted results are achieved.

Our dentists decide in individual cases whether treatment is possible for you.

Our dentists decide in individual cases whether treatment is possible for you.

After removing the wisdom teeth, you should wait up to six weeks until booking an appointment at our practice partners.

You must be of legal age (18 years old) to begin treatment.

In order to make a 3D scan of your teeth, which serve as the basis of our prognosis, the retainer wire does not have to be removed. However, it should later be removed as soon as your aligner treatment begins.

Dental implants are generally not a reason for you to be refused aligner treatment. Our dentists decide in individual cases whether treatment is possible for you. The implants are not moved during the aligner treatment. You should, therefore, let us know if you have an implant and which tooth is affected.

Bridges in the anterior region cannot be treated. However, having crowns is not a reason to be refused treatment.

Unfortunately, patients who are already wearing veneers cannot be treated with aligners because it is not possible to detach the veneers.

Most patients who choose to correct their teeth in adulthood have already worn braces as a child or adolescent. They once again have misaligned teeth, which is because teeth move during the course of your life. Such treatment cases are possible.

All dental problems should be treated before starting treatment with PlusDent aligners. This also includes tooth decay.

With every treatment of misaligned teeth, it is possible that the bite changes. In order to maintain a correct bite, the upper and lower jaw must be taken into account in your treatment plan. As a result, the upper and lower jaw are always corrected. Depending on the initial situation, only one jaw may need treatment. The complexity of your treatment and the associated price package is unrelated to the number of jaws to be treated. Once your scans have been received, they are analysed and determined by our competent team of dentists.

Your dental health is our top priority. That is why our dentists use your existing malocclusion to decide whether treatment with PlusDent aligners is possible. As a basic principle, we correct minor to moderate malocclusions of the front teeth and show in detail how this will be corrected before the treatment begins.

The success of our aligners is not affected by most medications. Regular intake of anti-inflammatory medications, aspirin, oestrogens, or calcitonin may slow or delay the treatment progress. Please contact us directly.

Please do not start the teeth aligner treatment until after your baby is born. Nausea is very common during pregnancy, which makes it difficult to wear the teeth aligners consistently. In addition, hormonal changes during pregnancy may also have an effect on the gums, making them red and swollen. Teeth aligner treatment during pregnancy is then unnecessarily uncomfortable. In rare cases, increased bleeding of the gums may occur. If you started your teeth aligner treatment before you became pregnant, you should pause the treatment until after your baby is born. We offer removable retainers to prevent your teeth from shifting during this pause. These retainers are more comfortable to wear during pregnancy than regular aligners. A new 3D scan may need to be made before the retainers are produced. Treatment can be continued in consultation with the medical team once your baby is born. A new treatment plan, including a new 3D scan and new aligners, may then be necessary. PlusDent wishes you warmest congratulations on your new baby. If you become pregnant during treatment, please contact us immediately for a personal consultation.

During periods of illness where you vomit, you should not wear the aligners. In the case of mild illnesses, such as a cold, the aligners are not a problem and can be worn again without hesitation.

Overbites cannot be corrected with PlusDent aligners. However, it is possible to correct the anterior teeth if an overbite is present. This usually remains unaffected by the treatment or improves to a limited extent.

How does the treatment work?

Treatment with PlusDent aligners generally lasts between four and ten months.

It will take approximately 7-14 days until you receive your treatment plan via email. Once you have decided to opt for treatment with PlusDent aligners, your individual aligners will be produced, which takes around four to six weeks.

Unlike fixed braces, you wear the aligners 22 hours a day and only remove them when eating, drinking and brushing teeth. It is important to adhere to the instructed wearing period in order to achieve the predicted treatment results.

No. Unlike fixed braces, you can eat and drink whatever you want during aligner treatment. This is because you can simply remove the aligners when you want to eat. Dental hygiene can, therefore, be carried out after each meal as normal, retaining optimal oral health.

You can drink cold water with the aligners still in your mouth. However, hot drinks can damage or warp the aligners. Generally, you should remove the aligners when eating and drinking and store them in the container provided. After eating or drinking something, you should brush your teeth because the saliva cannot remineralise your teeth as usual. Don't forget to rinse your aligners with running water before reinserting them.

Clean your aligners twice a day with the toothbrush. Do not use toothpaste, as the aligners may go cloudy. It is best to use a cold water and mild soap to clean the aligners. Hot water will damage the material and warp it. The aligners will then lose their shape and become unusable. Thorough and proper care will keep your aligners in perfect condition.

In the first few days after changing aligners, you will feel some pressure that the aligners exert in order to move your teeth. This will continuously decrease, and you will no longer feel any pain.

If you lose your aligner you can contact us, and we will make a replacement aligner as soon as possible for a fee of £99. Whilst waiting for your replacement, be sure to wear the previous aligner to keep your teeth in their current position.

For most patients, speech is not impaired as the aligners are thin and delicate, so they get used to them quickly. Like fixed braces, it will initially take some getting used to because of the foreign body in your mouth. After a week at the latest, most patients speak as normal.

We recommend that you smoke neither cigarettes nor e-cigarettes during treatment with PlusDent aligners as it could stain your aligners.

Skipping a set of aligners puts your treatment results at risk. The tooth movement for your treatment is split into many small steps. If you skip an aligner, the movement of the teeth is no longer within the frame recommended by us. If your aligners do not fit or fall out, please contact us.

We have planned the treatment very precisely and it is necessary to have a specified wearing period (both daily and per aligner). The biggest tooth movement occurs in the first two to three days after changing to the next set of aligners, after which the pressure eases and the aligners are no longer noticeable. Nevertheless, the teeth require the calculated 1-2 week wearing period per aligner so that the bone remodelling is completed, the tooth has become accustomed to the new position and is prepared for further movement.

Please inform us if you have to go to the dentist during your treatment to get a filling, for example, because the aligners may no longer fit. The filling should always be adapted to the current aligner by the dentist.

Using the PlusDent app is essential for successful treatment. You can download the app for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Please document all your changes and upload the requested photos onto the app. Our medical team will review and monitor the progress of your treatment and can adjust your treatment plan if there are any unexpected deviations. Please note that you can only make use of a refinement if you use the app regularly and properly.

How to order

Ordering the aligners is possible through various methods. The first option is a one-time payment. The one-time payment means paying the full amount of the treatment in one transaction. This is possible by debit or credit card. By this method, the amount will be taken once you have entered your account details. We also offer the option to pay the amount in monthly instalments. Payment by instalments is made via our external service provider. You can determine the amount and the duration of the payment yourself when you order. It is also possible to switch between the instalment models at any time or to pay the whole balance back in one. You can find out more about the different payment options on the website under the heading ‘Prices’. There you will see that we have already calculated the total amount for you including the interest rate for each instalment model. Please note our price packages differ from country to country. The price of your treatment depends on the registered address, which is also the delivery address.

Once you have attended the appointment at one of our practice partners, your case will be analysed by our experienced team of dentists and orthodontists and your treatment plan will be prepared. The complexity and the associated price package are determined and sent to you along with the treatment plan.

Dental treatment after the age of 18 is not usually covered by the NHS. If you have private health insurance, reimbursement depends on the individual insurance policy. Partial refunds are often possible. Feel free to contact us directly for an individual cost estimate, which can be checked with your private insurance company.

Everything about booking an appointment

The 3D intraoral scan is performed at our PlusDent practice partners by GDC-registered dentists. A camera is guided through the mouth, which takes several hundred photos of your teeth. These images allow us to directly create a digital simulation of your upper and lower jaw.

On the day of the scan, you must bring one form of ID with you and present it. The data is needed to create a treatment plan for you.

The 3D scan appointment usually takes 30 minutes. Our dentists use your 3D scan to determine the complexity of your dental treatment. Depending on the complexity of your malocclusion, our dentists recommend a price package from short to complex. You can find the exact prices on our website under the ‘Prices’ tab.

Due to the tight appointment schedule, we will have to arrange a new appointment with a delay of 15 minutes.

After treatment

The term "retainer" is derived from the English verb "to retain" and means "hold" and "fix". The risk of a so-called relapse, i.e. a shifting of the teeth – is counteracted by the regular use of a retainer. The retainer is removable and made from a thermoplastic material. It is custom made just for you and accurately fits over the entire dental arch of the upper or lower jaw. This method is typically used after treating mild to moderate malocclusions.

It is important to wear a retainer after your treatment to ensure long-term successful results. This can be a removable retainer or a fixed retainer.

The removable PlusDent retainers are transparent aligners that are slightly thicker than the aligners you wear during your treatment. You will wear the retainers 22 hours a day after treatment in the first 2 weeks, then you will wear them for 12 hours a day for the first six months after treatment. They should then be worn at night for at least four years, or better for a lifetime in order to keep your teeth in their corrected position. We recommend replacing the retainers every six to twelve months to keep them fresh, soft and transparent. For a fee of £99, you can order individually manufactured retainers.

A few weeks before you complete your treatment, you can conveniently order your retainers by logging in to your account via the website.

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