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Our dentists straighten teeth using state-of-the-art, invisible aligners. They are safe, comfortable and up to 70% cheaper than conventional braces. For a smile that lasts a lifetime.

The benefits of straight teeth:

More self-confidence
Better oral hygiene
Prevents tooth decay and gum disease
Can I be treated?

Straight teeth in just 3 steps

Step 1
Free advice and diagnosis
Our dentists will create intraoral 3D scans and photos of your teeth along with expert advice. The appointment is free of charge with no strings attached. 
Step 2
Our dentists create your treatment plan
Your individual treatment plan is created and will show you the movements of your teeth and the expected results of the treatment using a 3D simulation.
Step 3
Your treatment with dental aligners
Your PlusDent aligners are produced in our dental laboratory in Berlin and are delivered straight to your home. Our dentists will regularly monitor the progress of your treatment.
Your treatment results
A perfect smile guaranteed!
With our retainers, we can ensure your teeth stay in the correct position and your perfect smile lasts a lifetime.

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PlusDent stands out from the crowd

PlusDent's App Support - To ensure you adhere to your personally prepared aligner schedule, we will help you with constant follow up through our app.
Our experienced dentists and orthodontists will give you one-on-one advice and monitor the progress of your treatment.
Your aligners are produced in our very own dental laboratory in Berlin.
Can I be treated?
Invisible aligners, visible results
Over 20,000 patients have already successfully completed PlusDent treatment and are showing off their incredible results.
Tanja — Duration: 6 months
Reason: Crowded teeth
Lukas — Duration: 6 months
Reason: Crowded teeth
Susann — Duration: 8 months
Reason: Tooth gap
Save up to 70%

You can receive treatment from as little as £1,390.00 - that's up to 70% cheaper than conventional braces. We guarantee you a fixed price, which can be paid in monthly instalments or PayPal.

from £34.63 per month*
payment by instalments for 48 months
from £1,390.00
one-time payment

* The total amount comes to £1,390.00. 9.9% APR p.a. Credit check required. VAT included. (PlusDent is a credit broker and not a lender. If you do look to spread your payment over a number of months, we will refer you to Tabeo, who will assist you with financing your payments.)

Visit a PlusDent practice near you

You will receive expert advice from our dentists as well as a free 3D scan.
Free of charge with no strings attached
Duration: 20-30 Minutes
Over 10 practices across the UK
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