Straight Teeth, by British Dentists.

Our dentists straighten your teeth with the use of state-of-the-art invisible aligners. It is safe, discreet and takes just a few months. It comes at a fixed price, which is typically 70% cheaper than for a fixed brace. For a smile that lasts a lifetime and with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Advice and diagnosis: Free

Intraoral 3D scan, dental recordings, diagnosis and advice: during your consultation, our licensed dentists will be happy to take time to speak with you.

Your individual treatment plan

Based on your diagnosis, a dentist will create your treatment plan. It contains a 3D simulation, which shows you how your teeth will move during the treatment, as well as the results of your treatment.

Your treatment

Once you have decided your treatment, the production of your aligner begins in our dental laboratory in Berlin. For your convenience we will send you your aligner to your home and after certain periods of time you will swap them. Our dentists and orthodontists will regularly monitor your treatment progress.

"We would like to give everyone the opportunity to show their most beautiful smile. We achieve this by making dentistry accessible and achievable, and with the highest medical standards. "

Dr. med. dent Lan Huong Timm

Treatment Results

Convincing results: Many of our 10,000 patients have already successfully completed the treatment.

Further treatment results

Our dentists

With more than 10,000 successful treatments per year, our dentists are leaders in teeth straightening using invisible aligners.

Start your treatment today.

Based on the 3D models that we create from your teeth in our practice, our dentists and orthodontists work out your individual treatment plan, which will show you how your teeth will change and what your results will look like before starting the treatment.

Dental health with PlusDent

Teeth aligners have become a widely-used form of dental therapy. In many areas they are now considered as a more superior treatment method to braces. Aligner treatments often achieve a smoother, more precise and faster treatment result.

Straight teeth

Tooth displacement often worsens with age. Initial mild cases can cause problems in the medium term.

The advantages of correct teeth alignment

• Better oral hygiene: a correct tooth alignment makes oral hygiene easier, prevents tooth decay and prevents gum inflammation (gingivitis).

• Correct load on the teeth: a correct tooth alignment prevents the wear of tooth substance.

• Positive psychological influence: people who feel comfortable with their teeth feel less inhibited and laugh more often