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It’s never been easier to get your teeth straightened. Visible results with invisible aligners, custom made in Germany by experienced dentists. From £47.08 per month.

Change more than others can see

Over 50,000 patients have already completed treatment, telling us how it changed their lives as they feel more confident, relaxed and comfortable in themselves.

Crooked teeth
Inward slanted teeth
Gap between teeth
Crowded teeth
Crowded teeth
Crooked teeth
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Comfortable. Discreet. Affordable.

Fixed metal braces are a thing of the past. Our high-tech materials and production processes make our dental aligners comfortable, affordable and practically invisible.

Made in Germany, especially for you

Our aligners are personalised for every patient based on a 3D scan. Custom made in our labs from elastic thermoplastic material, they’re designed to gently push your teeth in the right direction, one day at a time.

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What we treat

We treat slight and moderate malocclusions in the anterior region. The exact diagnosis will be made by our dentists at your appointment.
Crooked teeth
Crowded teeth
Gaps between teeth

Our price model explained

The price for your treatment plan depends on the complexity of your dental correction. After your free visit, one of our dentists will determine which one of two treatment plans you should follow.
From £47.48 / Month*
one-time payment
From £60.04 / Month*
one-time payment

A better way. Clearly.

Free personalised treatment plan to see your future smile before you buy.
Free consultation with an experienced dentist in a practice near you.
Medical-grade aligners produced to the highest clinical standards.
Be monitored by dentists throughout your treatment.
Free adjustments to your treatment plan if you're not satisfied.
BPA-free aligners produced in Germany and shipped to you.

Over 50,000 happy smiles. Discover their stories.

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PlusDent aligners are custom-made aligners and made of transparent plastic, which is BPA-free. The tooth movement for your treatment is split into many small steps. For each step, you will receive custom-made aligners, which exert pressure on the teeth to carry out the planned partial movement.

It will take approximately 7-14 days until you receive your treatment plan via email. Once you have decided to opt for treatment with PlusDent aligners, your individual aligners will be produced, which takes around four to six weeks.

Unlike fixed braces, you wear the aligners 22 hours a day and only remove them when eating, drinking and brushing teeth. It is important to adhere to the instructed wearing period in order to achieve the predicted treatment results.

You can drink cold water with the aligners still in your mouth. However, hot drinks can damage or warp the aligners. Generally, you should remove the aligners when eating and drinking and store them in the container provided. After eating or drinking something, you should brush your teeth because the saliva cannot remineralise your teeth as usual. Don't forget to rinse your aligners with running water before reinserting them.

Clean your aligners twice a day with the toothbrush. Do not use toothpaste, as the aligners may go cloudy. It is best to use a cold water and mild soap to clean the aligners. Hot water will damage the material and warp it. The aligners will then lose their shape and become unusable. Thorough and proper care will keep your aligners in perfect condition.

Our dentists decide in individual cases whether treatment is possible for you.

In order to make a 3D scan of your teeth, which serve as the basis of our prognosis, the retainer wire does not have to be removed. However, it should later be removed as soon as your aligner treatment begins.

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