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More than 50,000 patients have already opted for treatment with PlusDent tooth aligners.
Isabell — 6 months
Crowded teeth
Nadine — 8 months
Crooked teeth
Lea — 3 months
Crowded teeth

Our patients’ experience with PlusDent aligners

After only a few short months, I can finally smile again! The support and communication I received was first class. I highly recommend PlusDent.

Janine - Crowded teeth

At first it took some time to adjust but you soon get used to everything. The customer service from the PlusDent team was excellent. Not once did I feel too little informed or alone. I should have done it much earlier!

Dorit - Crowded teeth

I have been receiving orthodontic treatment for years and found it depressing to barely notice any progress. My teeth made me want to laugh less and less. Now with PlusDent aligners I feel comfortable smiling and even enjoy having my picture taken.

Jannika - Crooked teeth

The most beautiful thing a person has is their smile. If you want to make others smile, all you need to do is smile yourself. Our teeth can truly make us happy and can even make others happy. So follow my lead and choose happiness.

Useid - Crowded teeth
Treatment Example
Tanja — Duration: 6 months
Reason: Crowded teeth, Treatment plan: Normal

Treatment plan Normal
Number of aligners upper jaw 18
Number of aligners lower jaw 18
Treatment duration 24 weeks
Online Checkups 6
Please note: This is a selected patient example for illustrative purposes. Experienced dentists and orthodontists use your 3D scan to determine your misaligned teeth and the resulting type of tooth correction.
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