Treatment Results with PlusDent

More than 10,000 satisfied patients have already opted for treatment with PlusDent teeth aligners. The desired treatment differs from patient to patient: correcting crooked teeth, correcting crowding or closing gaps between the teeth. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Can you be treated?

Reason for treatment: over crowding

Janine, 24

"After only a few months of wearing the aligner, I can finally laugh carefree again! Care and communication were always exceptional and professional. My conclusion: I definitely recommended this!"

Reason for treatment: Gap between teeth

Susann, 35

"I have never been someone who cares about what others think of me, especially when it comes to my appearance. (...) But it was only when I saw photos of me on holiday in 2018 that I was horrified (...) The photos were terrible. I hated them (...) and PlusDent simply offered the best value for money. (...) My self confidence had never been so low, but now since having the treatment it has increased considerably."

Reason for treatment: over crowding

Useid, 25

"The most beautiful thing a person has is their smile. If you want to make others smile, all you need to do is smile yourself. Our teeth can truly make us happy and can also make others happy. So follow my lead and choose happiness."

Reason for treatment: over crowding

Nicole, 33

"Everyday you do not smile is a lost day! Thanks to PlusDent, I can laugh freely and heartily again, and can enjoy everyday to the fullest and without any restrictions. I can be me again."

Reason for treatment: over crowding

Christiane, 39

"Thank you so much! I finally feel good about my teeth."