Our experts

Competence through experience

With more than 10,000 successful invisible aligners treatments per year, our dentists have become leaders in the supervision of teeth straightening at the highest medical level. We partner with UK-based, General Dental Council registered dentists to supervise our patients in the UK.

Our medical team advises and treats patients in more than 90 practices in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and in close cooperation with the PlusDent Dental Laboratory in Berlin.

Dr. med. dent. Lan Huong Timm

Medical Supervision, Dentistry

Dr. med. dent. Lan Huong Timm studied and graduated from the Charité University Medicine in Berlin. After working in dental practices focusing on oral surgery and aesthetic dentistry, Dr. med. Lan Huong Timm is now responsible for all the medical supervision at PlusDent.

Dirk Van Laere


Dr. Dirk van Laere was one of the first in Europe to implement treatment with transparent aligners in his own practice. Since then he has successfully treated a large number of patients. He brings over 15 years of experience in orthodontic correction using aligners at PlusDent.

Dr. med. dent. Josef Maximilian Sobek

Lead Consultant

Dr. med. Dent. Josef Maximilian Sobek acts as senior consultant for health insurance funds and is an owner of several dental practices. In addition his is a long-term, former board member of the Dental Association of Westphalia-Lippe, Germany. He brings a highly comprehensive view on the subject of dentistry.

Isolde Stephan

Master Dental Technician

After training as a dental technician, Isolde Stephan completed her training as a master dental technician in Halle/Saale and Karlsruhe, Germany. Since 2015, she has gained experience in leading positions in the field of dental laboratory management. Isolde Stephen is a registered dental technician and manages the PlusDent laboratory in Berlin.

Felix Niemann

Master Dental Technician

During his training as a dental technician, Felix Niemann began further training as a master dental technician. After passing his apprenticeship certification exam as the best in his class, he then completed his exam to become a master dental technician. He is now one of the youngest masters in Germany. Felix has enriched the PlusDent team since 2018 with the most diverse experiences in practices and dental laboratories.

Our Principles

Responsibility for medical best-practices

PlusDent aligners are particularly light and treat moderate tooth displacements of the front teeth. Our dentists reject treatments that require a different type of dental correction and refer you to local orthodontists.

Responsibility for employees, customers and our world

We want to put a smile on the faces, not only of our customers, but also of our employees. As part of our social commitment, we have committed to donate part of our proceeds to charitable organisations.

Responsibility for the progress of distance medicine

We are committed to the progress and liberalization of distance medicine in the UK and Europe, because we want to live in a society in which all people have high qulity access to medical progress. We want this access to be created by local companies and not by foreign technology giants.