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PlusDental is revolutionising dentistry by providing technical solutions that allow democratising the access to the-state-of-the-art dental care.

Michael Kugele

Our vision is to build the most advanced and flexible Dental Operating System (DentalOS) which helps us to scale our business efficiently in multiple dimensions while keeping the high code quality and infrastructure availability. Being a pioneer in this field is not only exciting, but it also demands a high level of responsibility and diligence.

Dr. Peter Baumgart

Ultimately, what we want is to make highest quality dental care available for all through the use of technology. Our software for patients and dentists is the core of our success. We are technologically advancing the patient experience in dental care to make it a pleasant and affordable experience.

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I have the passion for the dynamic startup scenery and the values people share here. After my first interview here, I immediately felt it was the right place for me. At PlusDental everyone is always personally and professionally developing while making contributions in revolutionising dentistry. I find the opportunity to grow, bring new ideas and implement them with a team of professionals very motivating.

Timur Mukhatov - Software Engineer

I believe in the product and love the fact that we have the production department here in Berlin. I joined PlusDental to build efficient QA and development processes. I care about our patients by making sure our applications are easy to use and make the treatment a pleasant journey. Our Tech Team is full of great people passionate about technology, dedicated to the projects and most importantly supportive to each other. We know we make the difference because we give people healthy and beautiful smiles. 

Monika Krawiec - Team Lead QA

What attracted me to join PlusDental more that 2 years ago were the people. I saw a really big opportunity to learn a lot and have the possibility to build cool tech solutions. It’s been exactly what I expected. I have grown not only as an Engineer in my career, but also I keep learning every day from my colleagues professionally and personally. What I appreciate a lot is that even considering how fast we expand, we still have the spirit of being one big team.

Taro Nguyen - Senior Technical Lead

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